2014: The Year Of Red & Black

I want to set the stage for men's fashion in Sustainability this year and proclaim 2014 the year of Red & Black. Why? Because passion and aggression are the foremost winning ingredients for any man seeking to standout from the crowd of lame talkers.

However, joining the class of Risk Takers requires courage to wear what's currently out of your league. Why? Because if you were already the "best dressed" in your field, then you wouldn't need me. 

So, allow my to re-introduce myself. My name is Yeves, and I'm the Fresh Prince of Cleantech. You can also call me Jefe. Let me begin with the 1st must have of 2014: Red pants.

I prefer a slim fit for my slender 156lb body type, so I turned to Trunk Club out for Chi-town for assistance. This men's fashion club is by far the hottest solution for the iPhone techie man that uses Apps over catalogs or websites anyday! 

My advice: Just don't over-think this... Mobile is the way to go. The future is now. Simply download the Trunk Club App and a personal stylist will contact you promptly. My stylist asked me all the right questions about my style, my goals, and even asked me to send her pics of what I think I look good in. She then built me a trunk and mailed it to my doorstep.

I have to be 100% honest... I got such a rush from opening it because I didn't pick anything out other then red pants to be in my trunk. 

And BAM! 'Sex me' red Bonobos washed chinos! These are exactly the kind of risk a real stylish man needs in the wardrobe if he wants to tell the world he's passionate this year. 

Plus, my ass looks great fucking great in these! Fuck yeah, I said it. 

My 2nd must have for 2014: Black V-necks and kicks.

Moving on, I also did some retail therapy at H&M for some essentials such as a organic cotton black V-neck, a few pairs of black David Beckham briefs, and these super dope black kicks. They're so aggressive it's stupid! 

What about accessories? Here's what I wear...

I also recommend a jacket...

This is a Banana Republic modern charcoal wool jacket with a faint pinstripe. Classy women love this shit!

Now, put it all together...

Wear red & black with purpose in 2014.

My final advice is for some dope music to add to your playlist that'll get your swag following. Check out Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky and the video with Rihanna is cool, too. http://youtu.be/F6VfsJ7LAlE

They don't call me the Fresh Prince of Cleantech for nothing!

Happy New Year!

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