Yeves Perez, The Twitter #Bowtie Creative Director

My marketing friends and I were recently tweeting compliments back and forth about the bow ties we were all wearing in our profile pics when something incredible happened. True engagement! We're all Twitter junkies and that's what we do! We're also the cool cats, so I had to share the magic we made together taking men's fashion to the next level!

And before we knew it... We envoked @CrowTheif into the conversation! 

Well, guess what happened next and why Twitter is so awesome? Melissa, the owner of CrowThief jumped in!

The tweets back and forth went nuts!

And 100 tweets later... The World's first Twitter made bow tie was born! 

@frshprnzcleantc: "As a successful Creative Director, I thrive on my talent for #trendspotting as well as being a #trendsetter." Yeves Perez, #freshprinceofcleantech

Photo credit: Tessa Dee Miller

Lastly, Andy said it best...

We will definitely do this again... Maybe at a conference to show others how true social media engagement is done!

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