Fun Idea: On Sunday July 1st, 2012, I'm gonna try to organize about 50-60 car2go members (and a lot of other locals) I know to do a "flash mob" meets "cash mob" style ambush on a certain cluster of local businesses. I'm gonna call it ... "Car2go Mob" and the rules are simple --- 1) Invade the area all at one time (on a certain time... down to the minute), 2) circle the businesses or city block at least 3times (like a wild band of Indians) to draw attention from pedestrians and shop keepers, 3) park where ever is close and walk in with at least $20 and spend it! Now of course, we have to obey all traffic laws and Car2go rules, however our goals should be to have fun sporting our white and blues and supporting the local economy. 

Let the sparks fly!
June 21, 2012 at 2:37 p.m. Yeves Perez.

I love this idea RE:

San Diego Unified School District Considering 900 Layoffs To Balance Budget

I tried to listen carefully regarding the debate on what to prioritize first... cutting vs. more revenue for the operating budget... short terms solutions vs. long term. I was delighted to hear Maureen ask calls to phone in if we had ideas to help the district bring in more revenue and I called in to pitch my idea is to "sell power to the local utility". Please, let me explain.

San Diego is absorbing the new identity as the #1 Solar City in the State of CA. The city even boasts a solar map that shows all of the current installations. However, when this story came up, I Googled the San Diego School District. In the right hand corner of my search a map with all schools popped up. And, I said... "Whoa that's a lot of schools!" My idea then materialized based on one of my complaints living next to Steele Canyon High School, which has crazy traffic in the morning because of students and faculty rushing to park their cars. Well, turn those large, wide open, sun drenched parking lots into solar power plants. These schools (collectively) hold a lot of property as a District and the District needs the revenue (short term and long term) for the operating budget right? Solar farms out in the desert make money because of how much land the project can use to determine the size of the systems. Solar parking structures exist in San Diego, but have not caught on in a big way yet. This could be our chance to show these kids what innovate leadership looks like.

If the District leadership went to the County Board of Supervisors and City Officials to grant waivers to sell power produced on all of the school properties, everyday, I am confident the revenue gap would be bridged. The sun will always rise in San Diego and today, those parking lots are not making a dime for the schools. Tomorrow, the sun will beat down on them again and no money will be made. Several months from now, they could be... However, a new public private partnership may be required.

You asked for ideas, so here you go...
March 9, 2011 at 10:17 a.m. Yeves Perez.