The Fresh Prince of Cleantech

I might possibly be the most self absorbed, 'selfie-taking', Facebooking, Tweeting and retweeting obsessed Instagrammer you'll ever meet w/ deep LinkedIn 1st connections in the realm of Sustainability. I really don't care what you think bc I'm a Mad man who made another breakthrough happen in Cleantech's history.

I started at the bottom of the Cleantech industry back in 2006-2007. San Diego only had a hand full of dreamers, thought leaders, and risk takers and I paid my dues with my blood, sweat, and ideas on a paper napkin. My scars are deep so my insight comes at a higher price.

Fast forward to 2014... No more paper napkins. It's time for real talk. The industry is severly lacking diversity and style. No matter the sector (green building, electric cars, solar, wind, algae, green consumer products, etc), there are no icons where their style influences "early majority" adopters to... Well... Adopt. And guess what... Innovation without adoption is... Well... Failure.

Let me break this down for those who are slow. Women, Blacks, and Hispanics don't adopt electric cars well from white men in corporate shirts handing out large pamphlets. And if you're not campaigning like your running for President and doing all you can to win Women, Blacks, and Hispanics... Well then... You are just slowly falling into the Chasm instead of crossing it like Apple. Every company in Cleantech, Sustainability dreams for an Apple iPhone moment... Well here's the secret. Without style and diversity... Kiss that dream goodbye. Ask Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.

I believe 2014 needs to be the year where Solar and electric car adoption doubles, and I'm the stylist. I'm the answer. I'm the agent of disruption that will sell the American dream of Solar on every roof and an electric car in every garage as the symbol of 'full recovery' from the Great Recession. 

My style is sophisticated, bullish, and decisive. I don't wear corporate whites. I wear cool clothes. I rock a beard, a fro-hawk, and I speak Swaghili fluently. I prefer Nike Dunks over loafers and my personal hashtag is simple: #freshprinceofcleantech.

This is #HowIRockIt just having coffee. I am a maven and my handle is: @frshprnzcleantc. In 2014, my resolution is to be the most successful public figure in all of Cleantech using my personal style as a weapon to move the needle. Social media is my sword and mobile advertising is my spear, and I'm ready to lead my army into battle and sack whole cities and counties. States even. 

As an award winning Creative Director, I see the weaknesses and patterns in my industry... I see what's not being done in Cleantech that should be... And I recently rectified some of that. Cleantech needs more Women, Blacks, and Hispanics in 2014 or else. The best Digital marketing and mobile advertising is the key.

Cleantech also needs more "selfie-taking"  mavens that are willing to display how cool it is to be green. I recently took a much needed vacay and stayed in a King suite in a Kimpton Hotel... I made it look so fucking cool, that many of my friends want the exact experience I had and price didn't matter. The experience mattered. As a Mad man, living life your way and loving yourself is the doorway to true influence.

Sustainability will forever remain boring without changing.

I'm a AMY winner, and I want to win in 2014. I want to win at the EMAs, the AMAs, the Clio awards, and even take Cleantech to the Super Bowl plus... I want to take Solar and electric cars to promise land... Winner at the Cannes Lions awards... But at the moment nobody in Sustainability knows nothin bout that! Exception: This Leo named Yeves Perez, the Fresh Prince of Cleantech. 
Name someone... One person who even talks like that. Image with me an award winning solar or electric car advertising campaign that earns top nods from the public as the best Super Bowl ad and takes home a Cannes Lion award! That's how you spell a-d-o-p-t-i-o-n.   

Follow me in 2014 because I have a freedom in my speech to say what needs to be said. I have people to pay back and a desire to pay it forward, so failure in not in my vocabulary. So, pick your New Years resolutions carefully and make sure the envolve winning. I'm clear I have.

I'm about to go HAM! www.yevesperez.com

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