My Secret Swag Sauce for Advertising Electric Cars

I don't pretend to ignore that great advertising campaigns heavily rely on impeccable timing. However David Droga and other #dangerouslyawesome Creative Directors got sauce! Yes, I said "got sauce!" Sue me.

Personally, I believe that being a social media addicted extrovert with great fashion sense (who's also great in bed) does add to the brass I bring when I bring it! The chanllenge is consistency. That's why making sauce and recipe testing is critical to winning over critics without credentials. Yeah I said it!

I've got sauce in my back pocket which makes me hot at one thing: my ads are different then what the others are doing! 

Example: Who agrees that car ads are all the same nowadays? I'm not sorry for saying what needs to be said. Car ads are all about unrealistic stunts, flash, and the illusion of top %10 status. Ok! Been there, done that, so what's next?

What if there was a car ad with no car in it? Given the opportunity I would make an electric car ad with my basketball hero Scottie Pippen! 

Why Pippen? Why hasn't it been done already?!

Pippen is without a doubt the ultimate symbol of performance, dependability and the number one asstistant to Michael Jordan! Without Pippen, Jordan would not be the greatest! To make that connection that your electric car assistants you to "Be Jordanesque" is different. And I would have the ad appear during the NBA Allstar Weekend and run all through the NBA finals with a deferent series of achievement like a TV show. Each new ad is an event.

Pippen is one of the greatest that ever played and his swag is influential. Influence works in this business, and so does social media! 

I totally respect Jeep for tapping another hero of mine, Baron Davis, but the execution was definitely missing sauce.

Now, I'm not gonna layout my entire Creative Brief and spell out the execution that I'd bring, however if you see this ad next year at the NBA Allstar Game... Just know that my sauce will do what it do...

Sell electric cars!
Update: TNT’s presentation of last night’s NBA All-Star Game was watched by eight million viewers, a 13 percent increase over last year’s telecast, reports TVbytheNumbers.com.

They don't call me the #FreshPrinceofCleantech for nothing!

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