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I go by a lot of names in my business, but today I'm focusing on me the ad man. The mad man on Instagram known as @SDADMan. I'd prefer to be called @ElJefe, but of course that handle was taken by a wannabe alpha male who takes absolutely zero risks to contribute anything to better this world (Pardon my distain for machismo bullshitters who think their hustlers).

My advertising agency is a very small shop that I started on a shoe string and the logo is a hashtag: #BigBikeGroup. When hashtags do go out of style like the Rolodex, I'll be that old guy with a hashtag on my business card. But until then, I'm the 33 year old Blaxican "cool" kid that's passionate only about making Sustainability cool. 

I genuinely hate that Creative Directors aren't celebrity, iconoclast types in our popular culture, so hopefully I make the B list and make it the movie business, too! Therefore, today I want to be brave and say whatever I want about the agency life. And trust me, the agency life is very desirable!

First things first, I need a dirty martini. 

Second, I need to send a tweet (under a different handle that many social media ppl hate and ask me to change a lot)!

@frshprnzcleantc: "There's something wrong with me. I need to write to feel better about myself." #CreativeDirector @AgencyQuotes #thingsyouhearinagencies

Anyway, I'm bullish about what I want to achieve and I'm not afraid to walk into a client's office and pitch them what I believe is my best work to #movetheneedle! I would be lying if I said I'm not interested in winning awards, but since I won best paid advertising campaign of the year in America's 8th largest City (San Diego) by taking a risk on a chef who fired me twice and took me back and fired me again (and blocked me on Twitter plus unfriended me on Facebook), I think I'm a little entitled to blog about the agency life!

So what did I do?

I used that award to do something really crazy and apply for a Director of Digital Communications position for a company I wanted to win business and I thought that if I were hired, I'd be a Creative Director, ad man from the inside! 

Wrong... Didn't happen. But I went in there for an interview and told them what's up!

I hope that tells you something. I'm a mad man!

"Ambition is a drug that makes its addicts potential madmen." - Emile M. Cioran #MadMen #advertising #ambition #potential #CreativeDirector #pfsfeature #agencylife #hustle #swag #freshprinceofcleantech

I'm on my Fresh Prince tonight since my I'm not out on a date tonight as planned, so I'm gonna move onto some pet peeves in the world of advertising.

First, if you knew what you wanted, and could do it on your owe, then you wouldn't fucking need me! So don't pretend like everything is all gravy!

Second, it's not my job to tell you what you want to hear! It's my job to tell you what you need to hear! So don't pretend like you're comfortable with where you're at today!

Third, if you don't like social media and think it's a waste of time and money... Well, then goodbye! 

I'm the kind of Creative Director that doesn't just come up with ideas... I like to get my hands dirty... I put my money where my mouth is! And in the case of my award winning campaign, I was more that willing to go to jail and get slapped with misdemeanor graffitti charges for spray painting 35 hashtags around Downtown San Diego. In fact, I did it during broad daylight and on a baseball game day with a shit ton of cops driving around... But that's precisely why I did it! My fucking ungrateful client needed to feed his family and I needed a shit ton of new eyes to stop, take a pic on Instagram, tag #SDpopup, and take a second to learn about him and his Popup restaurant! 

Guess what else I did?

 I stole a sign from a nearby construction site and graffitied on that bitch and carried that shit 9 city blocks on my head to put out front of Analog (the venue), just to prove a point! I'm not just a Creative Director... I'm the muthafuckin Creative Director who went H.A.M.! Hard than A Muthfucka!

And I don't play!

Do I regret anything? Hell no! I go to bed every night knowing I was crazy enough to try to win for this guy. This brilliant, misunderstood chef that was "Exiled by the Malarkey Empire" only a few months before. He won and I won! Period!

So what turns me on now? 

Solar! Cleantech! The unsexy shit that's cold and dead! The shit that usually has a bunch of flowers in the ads! LOL

I personally want to lead the charge to kill off #GoSolar! 

Seriously! Go Solar?!???!!! That weak shit deserves disruption!

Is that the best we can do? I'm sorry, but that shit will never be Goodby's "Got Milk" nor will anything ever be! You can't drink Solar, so stop trying to tell people to go drink it and like it because it's the right thing to do!

Let's go for the Creative Gold for Solar! Let's shoot for the Moon, and miss and hit fucking Mars! I'm that guy who's willing to risk it in order to reach new customers like ever before and propel a company's product into iPhone status!

I don't want to wake up tomorrow thinking "what if..." I want to wake up and do the damn thing!

I want my kids to look up to me and say my Daddy helped stop Climate Change! 

And of course, I want to look pretty fly doing it. Cheers to the Agency Life!

Check out my crazy agency life on my Instagram acct today at @sdadman and follow me on Twitter at @frshprnzcleantc Also nominate me as your #KloutHero using my @frshprnzcleantc handle here: http://blog.klout.com/2014/02/do-you-know-klouthero/

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