Never Give Up On A Dream

Years ago I was blessed with a dream... a feeling... a vision for change and I risked everything (and I mean everything) for that dream. I still have the single sheet of lined paper that I wrote this dream of a club down because I knew at that moment, it would come true and I wanted to remember that feeling of 'awe inspired'. I called it the Eco Investment Club. This was my role to play in a struggling Green Movement. And yet, over time and trying to figure out and finagle to make money the dream begin to slip out of my hands. Then, one day, the Eco Investment Club was no more. I was sad, angry, resentful, and all around crushed after losing control of the domain http://ecoinvestmentclub.com to an ex partner, but I had to let it go.

Over the years, I read articles in Inc. Magazine about entrepreneurs losing control of their companies and getting kicked out and then wanted it all back under the old name, but couldn't... so they had to give up. It pained me to no end to contemplate giving up. But then the story Steve Jobs always gave me hope because I had passion coming out of my ears!


So, I waited. The company closed. The domain came back up for sale in auction. I prevailed. And now the Eco Investment Club is mine again. I had a hard road. The Green Movement still struggles. I struggled. My name was mud, because I gave up on my values, and my name of the web was out my control, too. I risked too much, but now http://yevesperez.com is mine and is pointed to the club, because we are now one and the same. Fredrick Douglass said, "Without struggle, there can be no progress." I believe it. I am the real Yeves Perez. I'm sorry for my mistakes and wrongs, but I'm not giving up. I am the green Sean Parker, an agent of disruption. And I will never give up again as long as I'm alive.

Cheers to 2013!


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