I Was Wrong! New Poll Says 61% of Latinos Voted Yes On Prop 37

I can admit I was wrong in my previous post "Why Prop 37 Fell Short". My conclusion was that our movement had a latino problem and we would not win without winning their vote. My evidence was based on looking at counties we lost (%) where latinos make up the majority of the population or close to it. However, the real numbers say otherwise months later.

Based on a new poll commissioned by the Center for Food Safety Action Fund and conducted by the independent polling firm Lake Research, the strongest support for Prop. 37 came from Latinos (61% yes), Asians (61% yes), African Americans (56% yes) and Democratic women (60% yes).  As a group, Caucasian voters turned down the measure 58% to 42%.  Voters under 30 approved of the initiative (55% yes), as opposed to voters 65 years or older (61% no). Reflecting election results from the Secretary of State’s office, the initiative won in Los Angeles County (52% to 48%) and the San Francisco Bay Area (56% to 44%).
The survey found that every major demographic group, with the exception of Republican men, supports the concept of required labeling of genetically engineered foods.  Of special note, Prop. 37 won the Election Day vote 51% to 49%, but lost with early absentee voters 46% to 54% — an indication that early, high-volume attack advertising by Prop. 37 opponents was countered effectively by the “Yes” campaign’s late surge in GE food labeling information and outreach.
Looks like the data shows we lost with the elderly vote when it comes to labeling genetically modified food. Read more here: http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/2013/01/09/post-prop-37-poll-shows-strong-public-support-for-future-ge-food-labeling/

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