Open Letter - I, Yeves Perez, Hereby State My Intention To Disrupt

I, Yeves Perez, wish to address anyone who's interested in getting to know me, my story, and my intentions. I'm an ideas guy, a visionary, and a creative force. No one and nothing will change the confidence I have in myself. Most likely, I've already proven myself. I believe in doing good things for the greater good and people believe in me and my ideas. I'm been nominated for awards and won awards for my work. However, I have to deal with competitors, jealousy, and mistakes of my own doing that force me to be more careful. I work longer and harder than most people I know to earn my way and I see opportunities that most people can't see. I no longer work with savages. I only work with civilized, straightforward professionals who respect me and what I can do. My name, Yeves Perez, is a gift to me because of how unique it is and it expresses very quickly that I'm different. I'm a contributor. I'm a value add. I'm a doer. I'm a King in my domain. Yeves Perez is an agent of disruption. 

I can only go so long and far with nonsensable haters hating before I have to bury them and their careers. The book of Yeves Perez is building and growing and burying all nonsense. There is no time or room to argue with coothless cyber cunts who want to extort me rather than all sides admit to mistakes, make peace, and move on. I swim with bigger sharks and fly with the real hawks, and that's why I'm still here. I'm a fighter.

I, Yeves Perez, the real Yeves Perez, born and raised as Yeves Perez, would rather spend my time adding to society and making a positive difference. I, Yeves Perez, agree to make amends for startups in the past. I, Yeves Perez, agree to put everything in writing and to protect me and all my work first from unwise animals and will set anyone right via my way. I, Yeves Perez, hereby state my intentions to keep doing what I do best and if anyone gets in my way then I, Yeves Perez, agree to disrupt the weak. My work stands for itself and my next deal is all the truth anyone needs to know about who the real Yeves Perez really is. All Good. End of story. 


Yeves Perez

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