Why Labeling GMOs Will Eventually Win - My Facebook Chat With Paul Hawken

For those that find Facebook chat annoying, stupid, or down right intrusive, you should just close your Facebook account now since you're obviously closing off your friends and what's important to them. But not Paul Hawken. Yes, the world renowned environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and author Paul Hawken. And since Prop 37's defeat was and still is important to me to understand and I decided to pinged him up to chat about and here's a few pearls of wisdom he gave me that I care to share:

Paul to me: sorry for the delay. been giving some talks and don't go here every day

Me to Paul: Listen, i'm a concerned father of two and i truly believe we keep losing huge political battles because we have not truly won the latino vote. PROP 37 is the most recent defeat that has many aroundd the world wondering what went wrong!

Paul to me: Nothing went wrong.... it went right. Be patient. When people oppose the wealthy ruling classes on issues of basic human rights, they are virtually always defeated the first time out. This is a great result. Look at many issues...this is the pattern. This one did amazingly well first time out. The food companies know they are dead on this issue. They know it is coming back. They know it will win no matter how much money they spend. Have faith in people and patience with the process. Lies eventually fail and this one will fail sooner.

Me to Paul: I understand what you mean as far as a trend, however this one could have been stronger than it was the first time out of the gate (and if after looking at the post election results and retracing the campaign's tactics - we have a serious Latino problem). I wrote a blog post about my observations. http://yevesperez.blogspot.com/2012/11/Why-Prop-37-Fell-Short-An-Opinion-From-A-Perez.html The more I look into the early data the more I get upset. We lost by 550,000 votes and after looking at what Counties we lost the more it reinforces my theory that we lost the Latino vote. Here's the data. Counties lost (No votes) w/ large latino population: San Diego 53%, Riverside 60%, San Bern. 60%, Fresno 63.6%, Madera 65.5%, San Joaquin 60%, Sac 60%, Placer 64%, El Dorado 62%... and more! That means we lost be 10 to 20 points in areas the would have delivered us a victory. If we would have flipped these results, we would have won by close to 700K - 800K votes!

Paul to me: Yves...I love your impatience. It is why it will eventually win. And it makes sense to lose the Latino given what they saw was scare ads about food costs. You are on top of this. I am grateful people like you are doing what you do.

I not afraid to lose some FB friends or draw criticism for saying this, but if you believe you're too important and too busy to check the content of a friend's chat message to you well then it tell me you just don't care. As for me, I win.

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